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Torry Holt: St. Louis Rams Legend

By Mitchell Goldenberg

I grew up with a very blessed childhood. I was never hungry, had plenty of friends, but the highlight of my childhood was growing up as a season ticket holder for the St. Louis Rams. I would attend every home game with my Grandpa, Father, and Brother and through thick and thin, we would enjoy every single Sunday.

Although I was born in 1999, I still have fond memories of the legendary pairing of Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. The manner in which they would always find ways to get open is what sparked my love for Football, and why I am still a fan of the game to this day.

I am not going to use this platform to cry about losing a team in St. Louis, rather I would like to share a video that made me happy looking back on the times that we had with a team. In this 14 minute video, Torry Holt’s career is put on display, and all that I can say is thank you for the memories Mr. Holt.

Video Courtesy of the NFL via NFL Throwback on YouTube

St. Louis Rotisserie: Underrated Food In The St. Louis Area

By Mitchell Goldenberg

There are plenty of options in the Creve Coeur Area for great food, but St. Louis Rotisserie has gone under the radar for far too long. My friends and I have driven past St. Louis Rotisserie thousands of times, but we never knew that it more than just catering.

While they are famous for catering, I decided to go into their location at the corner of Olive and Tempo, and I was pleasantly surprised by the layout of the inside of their store! The location has a modern, clean vibe to it, and it has an open kitchen where you can see food being cooked. They have a large menu with daily specialties that all sound good enough for me to go back.

Upon arrival, my fiancè and I decided to split two meals to taste multiple things, and I am glad that we did. We decided to go with the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich and the Chicken and Rice. The Chicken and Rice was a strong meal that could replace a meal prep, while the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich felt more heavy, like a “Cheat Meal.” Both were served with significant portions, and we were filled up to satisfaction.

While always assuming that St. Louis Rotisserie was only catering, we are thrilled that it also has dine-in or takeout options. I would not classify St. Louis Rotisserie as a BBQ place, but their menu is able to dabble in plenty of different styles. These styles are enough to never leave you bored, and I know that we will be going back to St. Louis Rotisserie again very soon.

Stoked: St. Louis Rotisserie at 20

Where To Read More Of My Content

By Jordan Goldenberg

I have decided to spread my work out across three sources, and plan on continuing to do it this way for a while.

I write about The St. Louis Cardinals Here. This is important to me because it allows for me to focus only on my opinion about the Cardinals, and gives a platform to my readers that would rather not read about the Cardinals an option to filter out the content to see what they want going forward.

I also write about The St. Louis Blues Here. It is important to me to talk about the Blues as well with a similar philosophy to why I made a site for the Cardinals. I understand there are fans of the Cardinals who do not want to read about the Blues, or fans of the Blues that do not want to read about the Cardinals.

I am keeping this site for everything else St. Louis. I love this city, and feel that keeping a site for things to do in St. Louis is important, especially post pandemic. You can find all of my blogs from Jordan Goldenberg St. Louis Here.

All of the articles are posted to Twitter @MitchellGolde and @JordanGoldenbrg so be sure to follow those accounts.

I am also starting an Instagram account for photos about all of these topics, so follow that account @JordanGoldenbergSTL

Thank you all for your continued support, and you will be hearing more from me soon!

The St. Louis Blues Offseason Has Been Very Busy

By Mitchell Goldenberg

Photo Created By Mitchell Goldenberg

The Offseason for the St. Louis Blues has been a busy one through the first few days. As of July 30th, St. Louis has elected to let Jaden Schwartz, Mike Hoffman, and Sammy Blais go in order to add Pavel Buchnevich and Brandon Saad.

I have previously discussed the Sammy Blais and a Second-Round-Pick for Pavel Buchnevich, but the interesting aspect of this move that has happened since is the contract extension that has been offered to Buchnevich. St. Louis and Buchnevich have agreed to four-year 23.2 Million Dollar Deal. This solidifies that Pavel will be a member of the St. Louis Blues for a while, and hopefully shows signs that the Blues will be able to keep fellow Russian Forward Vladimir Tarasenko.

The other major move that St. Louis has made is acquiring Brandon Saad through Free Agency. The Pittsburgh native was a thorn in the side of St. Louis in the previous Postseason, scoring three goals in the Avalanche’s sweep of the Blues. Saad and the Blues agreed to a five-year 22.5 Million Dollar Deal. This is five million dollars cheaper than the deal that Jaden Schwartz signed with the Kraken, so it will be very interesting to keep track of their production compared to the value of their contracts.

All in all, I would be shocked to see the Blues being content with the current roster before the season. As I mentioned before, they lost three starters from the previous season in Blais, Hoffman, and Schwartz. I would like to see them at least take a chance on an established NHL starter like they did late in the offseason last season with Mike Hoffman. It is hard to trust the younger guys to step up that have limited experience, but if this is the case, The Blues need to see improvements from Jordan Kyrou and a few other young guys.

Vladimir Tarasenko: What’s Next For The St. Louis Blues

By Mitchell Goldenberg

It is a sad day for St. Louis Blues fans. News has broke that the 29-Year-Old disgruntled star has requested a trade to leave St. Louis. Tarasenko has played 531 career games for St. Louis, over the past 9 seasons, but is reportedly frustrated with the current situation of the team.

Vladimir Tarasenko's son took photo in Stanley Cup before Blues won -  Sports Illustrated

Vladimir Tarasenko quickly became a fan favorite for the St. Louis Blues. In just his second season, Tarasenko tallied 43 points on the year, with 21 goals and 22 assists. This was only a glimpse into his bright future where Vlady would go on to record 73 or more points per season. This would include his only 40 goal season in the 2015-16 season. This 40 goal season would launch the then 24-Year-Old Star into worldwide superstardom as Tarasenko would grace the cover on NHL 17.

Tarasenko wins NHL 17 cover vote

Vladimir Tarasenko would continue to be an elite Forward in the NHL following him grace the cover of NHL 17. Not only did Vlady continue to play well, but his team got even better. St. Louis would go on and win the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history, and Tarasenko was an impact player in that helped secure some important wins down the stretch. Little did St. Louis know, this would be the last full season from Tarasenko prior to requesting a trade earlier this week.

Vladimir Tarasenko has two potential reasons to be upset with the St. Louis Blues. It has come out that following his injury early in the 2019-2020 season, Vlady feels that the training staff of the St. Louis Blues has mismanaged his shoulder injuries which means he has missed more time than necessary. This would be extremely upsetting as a player, and I believe that this is a key component to Tarasenko being frustrated, but I do not see this as the only reason Vlady would be mad.

Entering the 2020-2021 season, the St. Louis Blues lost Alex Pietrangelo in free agency to the Las Vegas Golden Knights. With the long term captain of the team no longer a member of St. Louis, Tarasenko felt it was his turn to step up and be named Captain. This would not come to fruition, as Ryan O’Reilly would surpass Vlady and become the new Captain of the St. Louis Blues.

All in all, this whole saga is disheartening to the fans. Vladimir Tarasenko has become a staple of the St. Louis Blues, especially to the many new fans that surfaced in the recent team success. I do not remember a time where Tarasenko was not a fixture of the St. Louis Blues, and I am still holding out hope that this does not change.