Jordan Goldenberg St. Louis

St. Louis Cardinals First Half

By Mitchell Goldenberg

Fourth of July Weekend has come and gone, marking the end of Major League Baseball’s first half. The St. Louis Cardinals are entering July 5th with a 41-44 record. Their play has been hard to watch, especially following such an exciting start.

The problems have stemmed from the injury of ace pitcher Jack Flaherty. His start saw him record an 8-1 record, with a 2.90 ERA. He also tallied 67 strikeouts through 62 innings prior to his oblique injury. Flaherty recorded the largest amount of run support on the Cards, yet following his injury, the bats have gone silent for the entire team.

Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt are the two star players on the offensive side, and as they have been good at times this season, it is hard to not point a finger in the direction of the two sluggers. Arenado has been an All-Star caliber player, yet he has had multiple 0/18 or larger stretches. It is hard to win a series when the best player on the team is not reaching the bases throughout a four game stretch. Paul Goldschmidt has been even worse than Arenado, where he had one of his notoriously slow starts in St. Louis, and if he had not turned in on late, he would have received a lot more flack.

Some of the standout performers on the offensive side have been Tyler O’Neill and Yadier Molina. Both men have stepped up to carry a lot of the load through the inconsistent play of Arenado and Goldschmidt. Molina is recording his best offensive numbers since 2013, while O’Neill is playing plus baseball on Offense and Defense. Both O’Neill and Bader have shown a lot of potential this year, but their only issue is the lack of health on their side. Molina, Bader, and O’Neill have spent time on the IL this season, and it has been hard for the young outfield duo to get consistent time on the field together. Health is always a concern for MLB rosters, but injuries have derailed the team and their production this season, and this is why I believe the cardinals need to go out and aquire some depth for their rotation and their offense.

I purposely leave out the bullpen due to what I believe to be one of the very best four-man-groups in all of baseball. At the beginning of the season Jordan Hicks looked healthy and dominant as a high leverage, late innings pitcher. He had an injury around the same time as Jack Flaherty, and is expected to be back sooner, rather than later. Once the Cardinals can flex Gant and Helsley out of the spotlight and into a lower leverage role of the Bullpen. Our three biggest standouts of the season are Giovanny Gallegos, Genesis Cabrera, and Alex Reyes. Gallegos is what you have come to expect out of the bullpen, a consistent arm with excellent control, he gets the middle relief or starters out of a jam and keeps the cards in the game. On a less consistent basis, Genesis Cabrera has been a nasty lefty who comes out of the bullpen looking to strike you out. He is in his first season with a significant role, and I believe it is safe to say he has had a great season. There have been ups and downs, but he has shown up in some major spots this season, and I expect him to continue to grow into an excellent lefty. Finally is the All-Star himself, Alex Reyes. Cardinal fans have been waiting years to finally see what Reyes can do when healthy, and he has not disappointed. Reyes has been our closer from day one, and is yet to blow a save. Reyes has shown brilliance this season, and the only knock you can have on him is the amount of walks that he allows. His stuff is practically unhittable when he is on, and shows why he has been our top prospect for so many years.

All in all, I am still optimistic for the second half of the Cardinals’ season. Typically being down 10.0 games at the halfway point leads to bad news, but I am certain this team can close the gap with two acquisitions going into the deadline. If the Cardinals can add a starting pitcher like Kyle Gibson or José Berríos, it would take a lot of the pressure off of the rest of the rotation. Outside of Wainwright, there really has not been a consistent guy that we can rely on. I also think that the Cardinals are in desperate need of a Left-Handed Bat. It would be interesting to add the likes of Joey Gallo to the mix, but it will likely be someone closer to the role that Brad Miller played last season. Matt Carpenter has not been the Matt Carpenter that we know and love, and if the Birds can add one more lefty to the lineup that can be consistent, it would potentially open up better matchups for the rest of the team going forward.

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis Provides Tips for Individuals Exploring Life Insurance for the First Time

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis

The concept of life insurance is relatively simple, but there are certainly a few things that a potential consumer will want to consider when evaluating insurance coverage options for the first time. After all, the decision to purchase life insurance can be complicated for those that are not fully educated on the space and their options. Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis notes that individuals exploring life insurance for the first time often do not know what to consider as they look at securing a policy. Here, Jordan Goldenberg includes a short list of helpful things to consider when evaluating insurance.

Think of Why You Need Insurance

Many people can benefit from the protection that a life insurance policy can offer them, but it will always be important for a potential consumer to evaluate their specific need for insurance. One of the most common reasons for seeking out insurance is to provide surviving family members financial security if a spouse or parent passes away.

Some individuals exploring life insurance coverage options are doing so because of major life events such as the birth of a child, purchasing a house, getting married, or starting a new job. It stands to reason that, even if you do not think you have an immediate need for life insurance, you may consider purchasing a small policy in the interest of their future needs.

Calculate How Much Insurance You Will Need

One important thing to remember about insurance is that the amount of coverage needed will vary depending on several factors. The unique circumstances that each family has means that it can be hard to estimate what each will need. Fortunately, Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis speaks to how estimating a family’s need for life insurance has been streamlined, and consumers can get estimates for their needs by using online portals. With simple information such as an individual’s income needs, major expenses, assets, an online calculator can give an estimate of what their family’s insurance needs might look like. This takes some of the guesswork out of determining what coverage would be needed and give consumers the opportunity to make an educated decision regarding their options.

Research the Company

When you are evaluating insurance, it is always important to consider the reputation of the company offering services. This is due to the very nature of life insurance- if you need to utilize it, you will want a financially strong insurer’s backing. Fortunately for individuals looking into insurance coverage options, the internet is an excellent resource for comparing one provider to competition in the space. The stability of the insurer is especially relevant if you plan to keep your coverage for a long time, Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis notes. You will obviously want to choose a company that will be around within the time frame you may need to utilize your coverage.

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis Explores Common Life Insurance Mistakes

In Jordan Goldenberg’s time as an Employee Benefits Specialist, he has realized that there is a wide variety of resources addressing the correct way to secure a truly beneficial life insurance policy. These resources, however, do not always address potential issues along the way such as the mistakes that consumers make when purchasing life insurance in the interest of protecting their families. Learning from the mistakes of others can be one of the most effective ways to avoid making them yourself- a crucial message to internalize for events as significant as purchasing insurance. Here, Jordan Goldenberg includes a short list of common mistakes that people make while securing life insurance.

Waiting Too Long to Buy

One of the most common mistakes that consumers make with life insurance is waiting too long to buy. Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis notes that, with competing financial responsibilities, purchasing life insurance is often put of until milestones such as having a child. A potential issue with this is that age is one of the largest factors that affects premiums, and younger consumers will often need to pay less for their insurance. When consumers wait too long to explore their insurance options, they may develop health conditions as they age, which could make premiums much more expensive or make the individual uninsurable in the most extreme cases.

Taking the Leap Without Guidance

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some consumers are very excited to get life insurance coverage- so much so, that they come to snap judgements when selecting coverage. Before making the decision to go with a certain plan, people should always make sure that they fully understand the products offered and if they properly fit their needs. Terms will differ from carrier to carrier both in price and in terms of what they offer and how they provide coverage. Getting some insights regarding your specific needs as a consumer helps you come to the best conclusion. To do so, a consumer may wish to speak to a specialist and conduct some research online, Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis notes.

Choosing the Wrong Coverage Option

As previously discussed, the needs that a family has regarding life insurance will differ depending on a variety of factors. This means that it can be difficult at times for a family to fully assess what their needs are when exploring packages. Some families may make the decision based on factors such as premium alone, but this decision could put them at risk if the policy does not include sufficient coverage. Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis acknowledges that being underinsured is a common mistake that individuals make regarding their life insurance. Some do not realize that it takes a sizeable death benefit to replace the income of a breadwinner, especially for higher income consumers. Because consumers will typically want their insurance to be able to cover expenses sch as the mortgage, funeral costs, college tuitions, and other future costs, it is easy to be unknowingly underinsured.

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis Explains Why Young Families are Considering Life and AD&D Insurance

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis

Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance through one’s employer can be a great way to cover a variety of unfortunate situations that life can bring. Jordan Goldenberg acknowledges that there has been recent growth in the number of younger families considering life insurance packages as a layer of protection against the unknown. Given many of the developments within the past year, Goldenberg is not surprised by the uptick, and considers it an opportunity to speak on reasons for this shift in thought. Here, Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis includes a short list of factors influencing young families’ decision to explore life insurance packages.

COVID-19’s Influence on Life Insurance Opinions

COVID-19 had a notable effect on several aspects of many people’s personal and professional lives. For some, the pandemic was a stark reminder of our own mortality and the need for comprehensive coverage to ensure that our families are protected in the event of our passing.

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis notes that this acknowledgement of mortality has shifted opinions on the relevancy of life insurance for younger members of the workforce. While severe health complications resulting from the virus primarily impacted older members of our communities- this is not a hard and fast rule. At the onset of the pandemic, many families were distraught to learn that they were underinsured after the breadwinner of their household passed away or fell severely ill. Reminders that unfortunate situations regarding one’s health can suddenly occur have inspired younger families to look at life insurance options, especially ones that are already offered through an employer.

A Severe Accident Can Happen at Any Time

As young families grow, it is tough to ignore the impact that your death could have on the rest of your family’s lives. Young families are also left wondering what would happen in the event of severe physical loss that could lead to immense and sudden changes.

Young families are learning just how much goes into independent living, especially what it means to raise children. Acknowledging that exorbitant costs of care could potentially reduce their means to provide for family members is, therefore, one of the largest catalysts for considering life and AD&D insurance. Coverage options can help ensure that your family can receive assistance with special care or modified living arrangements if you suffer a loss such as a foot, hand, or eyesight.

Life Insurance Can Replace Income- Protecting Your Family and Assets

Young families are often still growing, both in terms of assets and the addition of children. To this point, they are considering life insurance to help provide replacement income for their families. Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis acknowledges that medical expenses can be a large source of financial stress, as can financial responsibilities such as housing, education, taxes, and, in the event of one’s passing, funeral, burial, and probate costs. Young families are in a stage of constant development, adding to their responsibilities as they build assets and set the stage for their futures. While it may not be fun to think about the possibility of death or severe injury, exploring life insurance offerings can provide growing families with peace of mind and breathing room to focus on what is important.