Torry Holt: St. Louis Rams Legend

By Mitchell Goldenberg

I grew up with a very blessed childhood. I was never hungry, had plenty of friends, but the highlight of my childhood was growing up as a season ticket holder for the St. Louis Rams. I would attend every home game with my Grandpa, Father, and Brother and through thick and thin, we would enjoy every single Sunday.

Although I was born in 1999, I still have fond memories of the legendary pairing of Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. The manner in which they would always find ways to get open is what sparked my love for Football, and why I am still a fan of the game to this day.

I am not going to use this platform to cry about losing a team in St. Louis, rather I would like to share a video that made me happy looking back on the times that we had with a team. In this 14 minute video, Torry Holt’s career is put on display, and all that I can say is thank you for the memories Mr. Holt.

Video Courtesy of the NFL via NFL Throwback on YouTube