Where To Read More Of My Content

By Jordan Goldenberg

I have decided to spread my work out across three sources, and plan on continuing to do it this way for a while.

I write about The St. Louis Cardinals Here. This is important to me because it allows for me to focus only on my opinion about the Cardinals, and gives a platform to my readers that would rather not read about the Cardinals an option to filter out the content to see what they want going forward.

I also write about The St. Louis Blues Here. It is important to me to talk about the Blues as well with a similar philosophy to why I made a site for the Cardinals. I understand there are fans of the Cardinals who do not want to read about the Blues, or fans of the Blues that do not want to read about the Cardinals.

I am keeping this site for everything else St. Louis. I love this city, and feel that keeping a site for things to do in St. Louis is important, especially post pandemic. You can find all of my blogs from Jordan Goldenberg St. Louis Here.

All of the articles are posted to Twitter @MitchellGolde and @JordanGoldenbrg so be sure to follow those accounts.

I am also starting an Instagram account for photos about all of these topics, so follow that account @JordanGoldenbergSTL

Thank you all for your continued support, and you will be hearing more from me soon!