The Most Underrated BBQ In St. Louis

By Mitchell Goldenberg

There are a lot of famous places to get BBQ in the St. Louis Area. From Pappy’s to Sugarfire, St. Louis has gotten a lot of recognition for their BBQ, but in my opinion, there is not a place better than Gobble Stop Smokehouse.

Located on the corner of Olive and Fee Fee, Gobble Stop is famous for their poultry. My go-to order there is the ‘Double-Up Platter.’ Orderings this from the menu allows for you to taste my favorite items from the menu plus two sides. The order comes with Turkey Ribs and Chicken Wings, and once you’ve tasted these Gobble Stop Specialties, you will never want to order pork again.

Turkey RIbs are not something that I was familiar with until my experiences with Gobble Stop, and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. I have not been able to enjoy traditional ribs the same way, due to the Turkey Ribs being a much more enjoyable experience. The Turkey Ribs from Gobble Stop are cooked to perfection, and slide right off of the bone. This is a must try from their menu, and I promise they won’t disappoint.

An item that I have had hundreds of times would be chicken wings, yet I can’t say that I have had much better than Gobble Stop. They offer a wide variety of sauces, but the chicken is so flavored, you do not even need sauce. If you do get sauce, I would recommend to get it on the side, so you can experience exactly what I mean.

All in all, I am very serious when I recommend trying Gobble Stop Smokehouse out for yourself. Their service is excellent, the smell is amazing, and the food will knock your socks off. If my recommendations for what to order does not suffice, then there are plenty of other options for you to order and I guarantee you will be pleased. St. Louis BBQ is underrated among the rest of the country, but I promise you that Gobble Stop is up there with the very best in town.