St. Louis Rotisserie: Underrated Food In The St. Louis Area

By Mitchell Goldenberg

There are plenty of options in the Creve Coeur Area for great food, but St. Louis Rotisserie has gone under the radar for far too long. My friends and I have driven past St. Louis Rotisserie thousands of times, but we never knew that it more than just catering.

While they are famous for catering, I decided to go into their location at the corner of Olive and Tempo, and I was pleasantly surprised by the layout of the inside of their store! The location has a modern, clean vibe to it, and it has an open kitchen where you can see food being cooked. They have a large menu with daily specialties that all sound good enough for me to go back.

Upon arrival, my fiancè and I decided to split two meals to taste multiple things, and I am glad that we did. We decided to go with the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich and the Chicken and Rice. The Chicken and Rice was a strong meal that could replace a meal prep, while the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich felt more heavy, like a “Cheat Meal.” Both were served with significant portions, and we were filled up to satisfaction.

While always assuming that St. Louis Rotisserie was only catering, we are thrilled that it also has dine-in or takeout options. I would not classify St. Louis Rotisserie as a BBQ place, but their menu is able to dabble in plenty of different styles. These styles are enough to never leave you bored, and I know that we will be going back to St. Louis Rotisserie again very soon.

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