The St. Louis Blues Offseason Has Been Very Busy

By Mitchell Goldenberg

Photo Created By Mitchell Goldenberg

The Offseason for the St. Louis Blues has been a busy one through the first few days. As of July 30th, St. Louis has elected to let Jaden Schwartz, Mike Hoffman, and Sammy Blais go in order to add Pavel Buchnevich and Brandon Saad.

I have previously discussed the Sammy Blais and a Second-Round-Pick for Pavel Buchnevich, but the interesting aspect of this move that has happened since is the contract extension that has been offered to Buchnevich. St. Louis and Buchnevich have agreed to four-year 23.2 Million Dollar Deal. This solidifies that Pavel will be a member of the St. Louis Blues for a while, and hopefully shows signs that the Blues will be able to keep fellow Russian Forward Vladimir Tarasenko.

The other major move that St. Louis has made is acquiring Brandon Saad through Free Agency. The Pittsburgh native was a thorn in the side of St. Louis in the previous Postseason, scoring three goals in the Avalanche’s sweep of the Blues. Saad and the Blues agreed to a five-year 22.5 Million Dollar Deal. This is five million dollars cheaper than the deal that Jaden Schwartz signed with the Kraken, so it will be very interesting to keep track of their production compared to the value of their contracts.

All in all, I would be shocked to see the Blues being content with the current roster before the season. As I mentioned before, they lost three starters from the previous season in Blais, Hoffman, and Schwartz. I would like to see them at least take a chance on an established NHL starter like they did late in the offseason last season with Mike Hoffman. It is hard to trust the younger guys to step up that have limited experience, but if this is the case, The Blues need to see improvements from Jordan Kyrou and a few other young guys.