Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis Explains Why Young Families are Considering Life and AD&D Insurance

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis

Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance through one’s employer can be a great way to cover a variety of unfortunate situations that life can bring. Jordan Goldenberg acknowledges that there has been recent growth in the number of younger families considering life insurance packages as a layer of protection against the unknown. Given many of the developments within the past year, Goldenberg is not surprised by the uptick, and considers it an opportunity to speak on reasons for this shift in thought. Here, Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis includes a short list of factors influencing young families’ decision to explore life insurance packages.

COVID-19’s Influence on Life Insurance Opinions

COVID-19 had a notable effect on several aspects of many people’s personal and professional lives. For some, the pandemic was a stark reminder of our own mortality and the need for comprehensive coverage to ensure that our families are protected in the event of our passing.

Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis notes that this acknowledgement of mortality has shifted opinions on the relevancy of life insurance for younger members of the workforce. While severe health complications resulting from the virus primarily impacted older members of our communities- this is not a hard and fast rule. At the onset of the pandemic, many families were distraught to learn that they were underinsured after the breadwinner of their household passed away or fell severely ill. Reminders that unfortunate situations regarding one’s health can suddenly occur have inspired younger families to look at life insurance options, especially ones that are already offered through an employer.

A Severe Accident Can Happen at Any Time

As young families grow, it is tough to ignore the impact that your death could have on the rest of your family’s lives. Young families are also left wondering what would happen in the event of severe physical loss that could lead to immense and sudden changes.

Young families are learning just how much goes into independent living, especially what it means to raise children. Acknowledging that exorbitant costs of care could potentially reduce their means to provide for family members is, therefore, one of the largest catalysts for considering life and AD&D insurance. Coverage options can help ensure that your family can receive assistance with special care or modified living arrangements if you suffer a loss such as a foot, hand, or eyesight.

Life Insurance Can Replace Income- Protecting Your Family and Assets

Young families are often still growing, both in terms of assets and the addition of children. To this point, they are considering life insurance to help provide replacement income for their families. Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis acknowledges that medical expenses can be a large source of financial stress, as can financial responsibilities such as housing, education, taxes, and, in the event of one’s passing, funeral, burial, and probate costs. Young families are in a stage of constant development, adding to their responsibilities as they build assets and set the stage for their futures. While it may not be fun to think about the possibility of death or severe injury, exploring life insurance offerings can provide growing families with peace of mind and breathing room to focus on what is important.

Jordan Goldenberg
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