Jordan Goldenberg St. Louis

Jordan Goldenberg St. Louis

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the career and professional insights of Jordan Goldenberg. As an Employee Benefits Specialist with a wide range of experience in both sales, marketing, and insurance, Goldenberg hopes to utilize this site as a resource for individuals that want to learn more about the space.


Jordan Goldenberg has always been a sports fanatic and lover of the outdoors. In college, he pursued an educational curriculum that would give him the opportunity to learn more about the logistics of sports. Goldenberg graduated from Indiana State University with Bachelor of Science degree in sports management in 2017 and made a name for himself participating in Honor Society and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

During the earlier stages of Jordan Goldenberg’s career, he worked in several positions that emphasized his interest in sports. For example, he worked as a sale’s associate for Under Armour ahead of graduation, where he showed a strong commitment to customer service and teamwork. Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis also volunteered as a basketball coach at Boys & Girls Club of America, where he taught second grade students the fundamentals of the sport. Goldenberg was also a Gameday Marketing and Corporate Partnerships intern for the Cincinnati Bengals. In these roles, he helped implement sponsorship activation, assemble pitches for national companies, and developed ideas for campaigns.

In 2018, Goldenberg shifted gears to become a sales apprentice for ADP. In this position, he helped develop business for full-time consultants. He was promoted to Associate District Manager in part due to his presentation skills and ability to learn quickly in the space. Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis performed essential duties as Associate District Manager until February 2019. After his work at ADP, he joined The Standard as an Employee Benefits Specialist. He has helped businesses with the logistics of several facets of life insurance for over two years.


Jordan has always maintained a dedication to volunteer opportunities, seeing them as excellent ways to positively impact youth and vulnerable members of our communities. Through volunteer coaching at the Boys & Girl’s Club of America, Goldenberg realized that there is much more work that can be done to help.

Since early 2020, Jordan Goldenberg of St. Louis has been involved as a Beyond School Academic Mentor at Mission: St. Louis. Jordan was inspired by the organization’s commitment to ensuring that students receive quality education and support necessary to graduate high school. As an Academic Mentor, he helps students prepare for high school by reinforcing academic and social-emotional skills that will propel them towards their individual goals.

Looking Forward

Jordan Goldenberg has learned an immense amount about a variety of industries since the beginning of his career. Whether the space is marketing, sales, or insurance, he maintains that a dedication to improvement is one of the most effective ways to build a career.

Jordan realizes that a large barrier to professional development is access- and professionals already involved in the infrastructure of the workforce must work diligently to ensure resources are available for those that wish to learn more. To this point, Jordan Goldenberg will frequently update this site with posts that include mid to high level insights on his space. Future posts will include topics such as why younger people are choosing life insurance more frequently, how offerings supplement existing health insurance, and what recent developments are currently shaping insurance offerings for businesses.